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Event details

Speaker: Mark Lu

Chairman for Triumph Year Group

Chairman for Chong Dah Health Group

Ex-chairman for Rotam Group

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday Nov 7, 2023

Time:10:00-11:00am (Beijing Time)

Academic Building 1079

Zoom ID: 946 6377 4704

Passcode: dku


Mr Mark Lu is a serial entrepreneur in the agrobiotech, specialty packaging for chemicals, and pharmaceutical industry. He was born in Taiwan, attended high school in Hong Kong and graduated from high school in California. He received an undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University in Canada. In the 1990s, Mr Lu expanded his family’s pharmaceutical and agrochemical businesses from Taiwan to mainland China and expanded them into chemicals and packaging. In 1993, he established Kunshan Rotam Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., later turned it into a joint venture with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in India, focusing on making generic drugs. He has been the Chairman for both Rotam Global AgroSciences Ltd. and Jiangsu Rotam Chemistry Co., Ltd, which develop innovative technology for crop protection. He has also reorganized his multiple pharma ventures in Taiwan and mainland China and served as the Chairman for Chong Dah Health (CDH) company, which has received approval for IPO in Taiwan Stock Exchange. His multiple companies in Kunshan generate billions of RMB in revenue annually. Recently, Albaugh, a US-based agrochemical giant, acquired Rotam Global AgroSciences Ltd. for USD 403 million and Franch company Ipackchem acquired his JRB packaging business for USD 50 million. Mark Lu has been a board member of T&T supermarket chain in Canada and Cibus Biotech, a world-leading agricultural biotechnology company specialized in RTDS (Rapid Trait Development System) & CRISPR gene-editing technology on plants.


In Mr Lu’s talk, he will provide insights on establishing successful companies in the agrobiotech and pharmaceutical industry. Especially he will introduce Cibus’s revolutionary concepts on creating gene-edited crops.