Division of
Natural and Applied Sciences

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About DNAS


The Division of Natural and Applied Sciences (DNAS) has over 60 full-time faculty members, plus more than 40 visiting professors from more than 15 different countries. They have a wealth of international experience in teaching and research, spanning a wide array of disciplines. From fundamental sciences like mathematics, physics, computer science, and statistics to applied sciences such as materials and environmental sciences, the expertise within DNAS also extends to the health sciences, including biomedicals and neuroscience. More details about faculty members’ research expertise and specialties can be found here.


DNAS places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research, fostering collaboration among faculty members through DKU’s centers, including the Zu Chongzhi Math Center, Global Health Research Center, Data Science Research Center, and Environmental Science Research Center. This collaborative effort has resulted in the publication of articles in prestigious international journals and conferences, such as PNAS, Nature Communications, Nature Materials, Physics Review Letter, NeurIPS, ICML, etc. A substantial amount of research output by DKU faculty members involve undergraduate students, illustrating the Research and Practice animating principle of DKU. We currently have dozens of ongoing research projects founded by various reputable agencies such as National Science Foundation China (NSFC) and Kunshan Government Research (KGR).


DNAS equips students with a comprehensive knowledge of various scientific disciplines. The majority of our graduates pursue further studies, earning Master’s and PhD degrees world-leading institutions such as MIT, Yale and Standford or start their professional journeys with prestigious employers in their respective fields. We support 8 majors, including Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences, Behavioral Science, Computation and Design, Data Science, Environmental Science, Global Health, Materials Science, Molecular Bioscience. DKU’s 7 animating principles, such as lucid communication and collaborative problem-solving, are embraced in curricular and co-curricular activities, such as independent study projects, internships, and research seminars.


DNAS has state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure that facilitates research and students’ learning. Our extensive lab space spans approximately 5000 square meters, encompassing the newly inaugurated Wuhan-Duke Institute. To ensure the highest quality of support, we have a team of over 15 dedicated lab staff who hold advanced degrees from prestigious institutions like Peking University, National University Singapore, and City University Hong Kong. These staff are well trained in international safety standards, providing invaluable assistance to both faculty and students in their research & learning endeavors.