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10:30 AM


12:00 PM


WDR 1003


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Time: 10:30-12:00 pm (CST), June, 4th

Venue: WDR 1003

Zoom ID: 935 5031 4863, Passcode: 666943

*Light refreshments will be provided


In his seminal work “Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine,” Norbert Wiener identified the control challenges associated with both living and non-living systems. While significant strides have been made in controlling non-living systems such as electromechanical systems, progress in controlling living systems—including cellular, individual, and ecological levels—has been much slower due to their inherent complexity. Achieving breakthroughs in the control of living systems is likely to usher in a new era of technological and industrial revolution. This seminar focuses on gene regulatory networks within cells, employing Boolean network models to introduce research on data-driven modeling and control algorithms. These advancements have the potential to provide theoretical guidance for applications such as cell fate control, cell reprogramming, gene therapy, and drug design.


Dr. Cheng Xiang received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Fudan University, China in 1991. the M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science, in 1994 and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Yale University in 2000. From 2000 to 2001 he was a financial engineer at Fannie Mae, Washington D.C. Now he is the Associate Professor with Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the National University of Singapore. Currently, he is also the area director of control, intelligent systems and robotics. He was the chairman of the IEEE Singapore Control Systems Chapter from 2010 to 2011. His research interests include artificial intelligence, control theory and practice,and systems biology.