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Time: 13:30-14:15 pm (CST), Feb.10

Location: IB3068

Zoom ID: 715 337 7467

*Light refreshments will be provided


Dr. Peidong YuPostdoctoral research scientist

Institute of Material Science in Space,

German Aerospace Center(DLR-MP)


A granular matter is an agglomerate of macroscopic solid particles. Its versatility under different environments, namely behaviors akin to conventional gas, liquid and solid systems can become even more prominent when low-gravity condition is applied. In German Aerospace Center (DLR), the access to different low-gravity platforms enables us to carry out experimental investigations of the statistical physical properties of granular matters. Gas-like and solid-like systems have been studied with quantitative results that cannot be obtained on the ground. We aim at extension to liquid-like systems and new diagnostics tools for future experiments in orbital long-term low-gravity platforms.


Peidong Yu is now a postdoctoral research scientist in Inst. of Material Science in Space, German Aerospace Center (DLR-MP). His current research focuses on Granular Matters under low-gravity condition. He got his bachelor’s degree from Univ. of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei, Anhui, China in 2002, and his Ph. D. degree from Duke Univ., Durham, NC, USA in 2008. Since then, he worked as a postdoc in DLR-MP, in Twente Univ., the Netherlands, and in Univ. of Cologne, Germany at various times.

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