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IB 3106


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Time: 10:00-11:00 am (CST), Mar.15th

Venue: IB 3106

Zoom ID: 715 337 7467

*Light refreshments will be provided


The pipe organ, with over 2000 years of history, is celebrated as the “King of Musical Instruments.” It is known for its vast range, diverse tones, and intricate design, making it one of the most complex and grand instruments. Often as tall as a building, it blends into spaces like churches and concert halls, adding to their architectural beauty. Before the 20th century, it was the most advanced device created. The large organ console, with its multiple tiers of keyboards and an array of over a hundred of control buttons, still evokes the complexity of an airplane’s cockpit. This talk will explore the organ’s design and how it works, highlighting its blend of art and science, and the innovation behind its majestic sound.


Dr. Wang Xiaohu is an associate professor at the Dalian University of Technology. He has a BSc, Mphil and PhD in physics from the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Wang has dedicated himself to studying the pipe organ. He guided a group of undergraduate students to build a small but unique pipe organ with two ranks of pipes, which stands out for its Chinese decorative carvings. This interesting project, which merge engineering and art, garnered widespread coverage from mainstream media and was even featured in a 13-minute documentary by CCTV news channel. Furthermore, this instrument was acknowledged in the “China Pipe Organ Project” census as the first organ designed and built by Chinese builders since the pipe organ’s introduction to China in the Ming Dynasty.