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10:00 AM


12:00 PM


AB Ballroom & IB Lobby


Event details

Friday, February 17, 10:00am – 12:00pm

This year we will organize an on campus Major Fair. We have also invited several student support offices to assist during your major declaration process. For remote learners, please contact the major coordinators (click the last document under the Major Exploration folder) for specific major related questions and the Academic Advising office, advising@dukekunshan.edu.cn for any general questions for major declaration.

On Campus Fair

Drop by between 10:00am to 12:00pm Beijing time to speak with faculty representatives and division representatives in person!

What to expect after the Major Fair

  • Major Declaration Survey from Advising Office (complete it by March 9th).
  • Major information will be updated on DKUHub two weeks after session 4 begins.

Check out what other student support offices can do to assist you through Major Declaration

●      Career Services

The Office of Career Services provides career development services to all DKU students to help you discover and achieve career goals. Our services include workshops on career essential topics, one-on-one career coaching (career exploration, resume, and interviews, etc.), career events (career fair, alumni sharing, graduate school sessions, etc.), and internship/full-time job postings and referrals. We are happy to talk to you and provide support with anything related to “what should I do in the future?” questions.

●      The Office of Undergraduate Advising – Academic Advising

The Office of Undergraduate Advising (UG Advising) provides academic advising guidance to all undergraduate students. Our office supports students before and after declaring their major. We have many resources on our Sakai site for major exploration, including, but not limited to, the 4-Year planning document, MOE degree categories, how to run a “What If” report, and major coordinator contact information. We assist students and their advisors in understanding how to use these resources. The Resources for Students page on our website also lists our major exploration resources along with contact for the Pre-Med and Pre-Law advisors.

●      The Office of Undergraduate Advising – Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides peer tutoring for many classes as well as

workshops and other types of sessions to help you learn many different types of academic skills. Additionally, the ARC offers an Academic Coaching program available to both students who are currently having trouble as well as those who just want to grow in a particular academic area. Students joining this program get to work with our staff one on one to identify any challenges they may be going through and together they come up with a strategy to work past those issues.

●      Pre-Health Advising

The category of “pre-health studies” is an expansive one, but perhaps the one most well-known is the “pre-med” track for students considering attending a U.S. medical school. That route, however, is not the only option. Other clinically-based professional programs include dental, veterinary, and pharmacy schools, as well as non-clinical graduate programs that also focus on health and medical topics. Students who are

considering a possible future in the health and medical professions, broadly defined, are encouraged to contact Prof. Spaller at mark.spaller@duke.edu to arrange a one-on-one meeting to discuss these career paths, and the best way to prepare for them while an undergraduate at DKU.

●      Pre-Law Advising

At the Major Fair we will discuss pre-law considerations including: whether (& why) to go to law school (or not); where & when to do so; & what DKU majors & other elements to consider in preparation for law school admissions, law school, and legal practice. Bring your interest in the law (& reasons for that!) & any questions you might have, ideally after consulting some of our resources online: https://duke.app.box.com/folder/48799879835.

You are encouraged to leave your info here: https://cryptpad.fr/form/#/2/form/view/l4Xp8rLSja33GQprul5pQc0HIN9gji8UXW9bENgo PYk/embed/, and welcome to contact Professor Hauthaler at nathan.hauthaler@duke.edu for further discussion.

●      Office of Signature Work (OSW)

Signature Work is one of the core elements in DKU’s innovative undergraduate curriculum. It provides a structure for significant independent work in the junior and senior years for all undergraduate students, guided by faculty mentors. The OSW implements and coordinates the SW process at the undergraduate university level. While working with the academic divisions and related university offices, the OSW provides support to students and faculty related to the overarching SW process; provides support to students who are on-boarding to the SW process through events and other methods; organizes events and public presentation of final outcomes; and collects, generates, organize centralized SW data for the rest of the university, trouble-shoot problems that arise in the currently early stage implementation of the SW program, and more.

●      Writing and Language Studio (WLS)

The Writing and Language Studio (WLS) is here to support your writing and language learning. No matter what major you choose, as a DKU student you need strong language, writing, and communication skills. From the Common Core, to divisional foundation courses, to Signature Work, all students need to complete multiple writing tasks in a wide range of genres. In addition, all DKU students are expected to be able to communicate skillfully and engage with texts in English and also achieve at least basic social conversational skills in Mandarin Chinese. Our experienced writing coaches can work with you at any stage of the composing process and on any kind of academic writing task, while our language coaches can help you become better language learners and language users. We encourage you to access our resources on Sakai and make an appointment with a WLS coach! Please contact us at DKU_WLS@dukekunshan.edu.cn with questions.