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New Book Published by DKU Student, Arabela Valenzuela

Of Threads And Needles: A young woman’s journey across one of the world’s most patriarchal lands

Balochistan is not your typical tourist destination. Hidden away in the remote border region between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, this barren, mountainous land is widely known for its long history of unrest, poverty, and a deeply conservative local culture that largely hides women from the public eye.

This creates a challenge for Arabela. As part of her long-awaited overland journey from Pakistan to Iran, the 21-year-old travel enthusiast knows she must cross Balochistan. The problem: she is traveling alone. Against numerous warnings, Arabela follows through with her plan and embarks on a harrowing solo journey. While faced with countless obstacles, she soon realizes her greatest challenge is the immense culture shock she experiences as a Western woman in one of the world’s most patriarchal places.

Of Threads And Needles tells the true story of an intrepid young woman’s journey of gender identity and cultural exploration. Her unique experiences of living with Baloch families touch upon the vastly different realities for women around the world, as well as the countless hardships faced by a people split across three nations.