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Vacancy: Positions in the Regional Cloud Seeding Program (Saudia Arabia)

The Regional Cloud Seeding Program is a massive long-term (more than a decade, possibly permanent) campaign to augment precipitation in the Arabian Peninsula. The program has two significant components: operations and research. In this context, we invite scientists from different aspects of atmospheric science to work with us in different aspects of operations and research relevant to augmentation of precipitation. Some of the areas 
of expertise we specifically look for are: use of atmospheric radars for cloud parameter estimation, aerosol-cloud interactions in deep convective clouds (warm and cold cloud processes), weather  forecasting for seeding operations, cloud dynamics, cloud microphysics, modeling of cloud microphysics and dynamics. Expertise in other relevant areas will also be 
appreciated. Experience in statistical methods and hypothesis testing will be desirable. 
An ideal candidate would have a PhD or comparable research experience. 
Those with a BS or MS may be considered for Operations. 
Please send your complete cv and two papers relevant to the program to 
u.gunturu@ncm.gov.sa or Kabandah@ncm.gov.sa 
Udaya Bhaskar Gunturu 
Regional Cloud Seeding Program (Saudi Arabia)