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PhD’s available Urban Ecology or Urban Biodiversity 

Urban Forests of The Future at the University of Leicester 

Combine citizenscience ecological monitoring data with remote sensing to quantify and model ecosystem service provision by Tiny Forests 
Thriving Cities, Green Revival: Investigating the multifaceted effects of Miyawaki forests on urban ecology at the University of Warwick and Cranfield University 

Assessing the effect of Tiny Forest on biogeochemical soil processes, air quality, microclimate, and nature connectedness 
Small and Beautiful: Assessing the importance of Miyawaki Tiny Forests for Urban Biodiversity at the University of Birmingham 

Use Tiny Forests as a network of living labs to disentangle whether or not #habitat size or habitat connectedness is more important for protecting biodiversity 
For more information, click the links provided or email the fabulous Claire Narraway at cnarraway@earthwatch.org.uk