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PhD Positions on Greenhouse Gases in Streams, Rivers, and Lakes in the Aho Biogeochemistry Lab at Michigan State University 

The Aho Biogeochemistry Lab at Michigan State University is recruiting 1-2 PhD students to start in Fall 2024.   
About the lab: Streams, rivers, and lakes are important, but vulnerable, ecosystems. The Aho Biogeochemistry Lab at Michigan State University explores carbon and nitrogen cycling in these aquatic ecosystems under a changing climate.  We work to understand aquatic ecosystems as both 1) dynamic and biogeochemically active ecosystems and 2) connectors of other ecosystems (e.g., land, ocean, atmosphere).  We are particularly interested in greenhouse gas production in and emissions from aquatic ecosystems.  This research is relevant to aquatic ecology, carbon and nitrogen cycle models, climate feedbacks, and global change. We are a part of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, the Department of Integrative Biology, and the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program. We are committed to improving diversity and inclusive community building.  Please check out https://aholab.com for more information! 
About the position(s): The position(s) will focus on greenhouse gas (i.e., CO2, CH4, and N2O) dynamics in inland waters.  Inland waters are “active players” in carbon and nitrogen cycles; they simultaneously transform and transport large amounts of carbon and nitrogen.  Some of these transformations produce greenhouse gases, making inland waters natural sources of these climate-relevant gases.  The future student(s) will have flexibility in choosing a research topic related to greenhouse gas production and/or emission.  Potential research themes include novel real-time monitoring, terrestrial-aquatic linkages, carbon dioxide dynamics, etc.  The research will include a combination of field observation, laboratory analysis, big data (e.g., NEON data), and modeling. Students will be expected to share their results through conferences presentations and peer-reviewed journal articles.     
Who should apply? Students with strong interest in the research topics listed above are encouraged to apply.  Minimum qualifications include a B.A. or B.S. by Fall 2024 in a related field (e.g., biology, geology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, environmental science, environmental engineering, hydrology) and research and/or field experience.  In addition, M.S. by Fall 2024 is highly desired.  Applicants from historically underrepresented groups in STEM are particularly encouraged to apply.  Please email kellyaho@msu.edu with your CV or resume, unofficial transcripts, and a brief statement on why you are interested in the position. Alternatively, fill out the webform under Join us! on the Aho Biogeochemistry Lab website: https://aholab.com