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PhD Position, Invasion Ecology 

Peter Adler’s lab at Utah State University (https://qcnr.usu.edu/labs/adler-lab/index) seeks a PhD student for a new project focused on plant invasion ecology and ecological forecasting. In collaboration with US Forest Service researchers, we will investigate how a variety of land management treatments affect the population growth of invasive annual plants such as cheatgrass and, in the process, test general theories about the biotic and abiotic factors that determine the impacts of biological invasions. The research will involve field work in the Pine Valley Mountains of southwestern Utah along with analyses of regional-scale observational and experimental data sets. The student will have opportunities to develop and test their own research questions. Applicants should email 1) a cover letter describing their research experience and interests, 2) a curriculum vitae and 3) contact information for three references to peter.adler [at]usu.eduby Dec. 1, 2023. The position will begin in summer or fall 2024.