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PhD position in the field of IoT data integrity at the University of Strasbourg.  

This research opportunity offers a chance to work on cutting-edge projects in IoT and blockchain technology. 
Work environment 
The PhD research will take place in the Networking research team at the University of Strasbourg, within the ICube laboratory. ICube is a multidisciplinary research laboratory that brings together researchers from the university of Strasbourg, CNRS, ENGEES, and INSA. Our networking team has a strong track record in IoT research and has contributions to scalable blockchain approaches. We operate several testbeds, including the FIT Iot-Lab, LRP-IoT testbed (a city-scale LoRaWAN deployment), and iBat (a smart building testbed), which will be used for this research. 
Project Description 
The thesis project focuses on proposing scalable and secure solutions for real-time verification of large amounts of IoT-generated data while ensuring data privacy. We will explore sharding, proof-of-interactions, and Non-interactive proofs of Proof-of-Work (NIPoPoWs) as building blocks for online data verification. Alternative data structures will also be considered. The thesis aims to address the challenge of integrating IoT objects and their edge as integral parts of the solution to provide end-to-end security for IoT deployments. The proposed solutions will be tested in real smart building deployments.  

For more information about the project, please visit our website: https://reseaux.icube.unistra.fr/img_auth_namespace.php/0/07/IoT_data_integrity.pdf 
Expected background and skills 
We are looking for candidates with a master’s degree in computer science and a solid background in computer networking. The ideal candidate should possess a combination of technical, theoretical, and practical skills, including the ability to quickly acquire knowledge in IoT, security, and blockchain. Strong critical thinking, research, experimentation, and data analysis skills are essential, along with a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics. Proficiency in programming and a strong command of the English language (reading, writing, and speaking) are also required. 
Application Process 
Interested candidates are invited to apply by sending a detailed CV to the following email address: iotdata-thesis@icube.unistra.fr 
For more information about the research team and the University of Strasbourg, please visit our Networking research team website: https://reseaux.icube.unistra.fr/index.php/Accueil 
We look forward to welcoming a motivated and talented PhD candidate to join our team.