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PhD position in Arctic terrestrial ecology (ungulate-plant interactions) 

A PhD project is offered with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources to study  
Arctic herbivores’ distribution and foodscape.  
The candidate will elucidate how ecological, environmental, and anthropogenic drivers modify plant-herbivore interactions. The focus species are caribou and muskoxen in Greenland.  
Application deadline: Oct. 15th.  
Further information is available from Dr. Mathilde Le Moullec malm@natur.gl, or Head of Department of Birds and Mammals Fernando Ugarte, feug@natur.gl
Link to full description of PhD position and how to apply: 


Nicholas P. Huffeldt, Ph.D. 

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow | Evolutionary Ecology Unit | Dept. of Biology | Lund University | Sweden 

Postdoc | Greenland Institute of Natural Resources | Greenland  

Guest Researcher | Arctic Ecosystem Ecology | Dept. of Ecoscience | Aarhus University | Denmark