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PhD opportunity in aquatic phosphorus biogeochemistry 

GRA available with Dr. Jessica Corman in the School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Phosphorus availability in an ecosystem can mean the difference between high or low crop yields, or safe or polluted lakes. Yet, compared to other essential elements like carbon and nitrogen, its cycling is relatively understudied. I am looking for a graduate student to study phosphorus biogeochemistry in aquatic ecosystems. The dissertation specifics are flexible, but may include investigations into phosphorus speciation in lakes and streams across time and space, controls on phosphorus cycling in eutrophic ecosystems, and connections between the phosphorus cycle and other macro or micro biogeochemical cycles. The PhD graduate research assistantship is partially funded by NSF. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Jessica Corman at jcorman3@unl.edu. The ideal start date is January 2024, but a later date may be negotiable. Apply by Oct 1, 2023 for priority consideration.