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PhD and MS in mammalian reproduction, behavior and urban ecology 

MS and PhD openings are available in my research group (Javier delBarco-Trillo) in the School of Biological Sciences at Illinois State University to start in the fall of 2024. My research topics are quite diverse, including mammalian sperm competition, olfactory communication, and urban ecology/evolution. I’m happy to supervise projects in topics and organisms beyond what you can read in my website (about.illinoisstate.edu/jdelbar) as long as the project is feasible given my expertise and available resources. I’m mostly interested in supporting self-driven, independent, and imaginative students with high proficiency in written and spoken English. 

There is a formal application process, but I will be conducting a preliminary selection. Please send (jdelbar@ilstu.edu) a copy of your CV, and a one-page cover letter explaining your background, any research outcomes to date, your future research interests and expectations, and what type of research projects you would envision developing in my lab. Please include “Graduate Student Application 2024” in the email subject line. I will make an initial selection of a group of candidates that I think could be a good fit in my lab, set up short zoom conversations with those candidates in October-November, and then I will tell a subset of candidates to go ahead and submit an application. The application deadline is February 1, 2024. 

All accepted applicants into our program are guaranteed Teaching Assistantships and full Tuition Waivers (you must still pay fees). This support is 6 semesters for MS and 10 semesters for PhD students provided sufficient progress and performance are maintained. There is no need to apply for these until acceptance into the program.  

The application procedure including requirements is laid out here: https:// biology.illinoisstate.edu/graduate/bio-as-graduate/application-procedure/

International admission requirements are here: https://illinoisstate.edu/admissions/international/requirements/

You can find more information about the School of Biological Sciences here: https://biology.illinoisstate.edu 


Javier delBarco-Trillo, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Physiology 

School of Biological Sciences 

Campus Box 4120 

Illinois State University 

Normal, IL 61790-4120 

Pronouns: he, him, his 

email (ISU): jdelbar@ilstu.edu 

email (personal): delbarcotrillo@gmail.com 

website: about.illinoisstate.edu/jdelbar 

ORCID: 0000-0002-9948-6674 

tel: +1 (309) 438 2666