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PhD and MS  Ecosystem Ecology and Hydrology  Penn State 

Two graduate research assistantships are available at Penn State beginning fall 2024 to study how anaerobic soils affect carbon and nitrogen fluxes in forests. This NSF funded project supports an interactive team of graduate students, postdocs, research support staff, and faculty from a range of disciplines including ecology, soil science, hydrology, and meteorology.  

Successful applicants will be encouraged to take full advantage of this interdisciplinary team. Research will take place in the Shale Hills catchment, near PSU, leveraging abundant instrumentation and historical data. Both PhD and MS applicants will be considered.  

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Jason Kaye (jpk12 at psu dot edu), Ken Davis (kjd10 at psu dot edu), Yuning Shi (yshi at psu dot edu) or Jon Duncan (jmduncan at psu dot edu).  

Students interested in Kaye or Duncan as advisors may apply to the Graduate Programs in Soil Science (http://ecosystems.psu.edu/graduateprograms/soil-science) the Inter-College Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (http://www.huck.psu.edu/education/ecology), or the graduate degree program in Forest Resources (https://ecosystems.psu.edu/graduate/forest-resources).  

Students interested in working with Davis and Shi may apply to the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science graduate program (http://www.met.psu.edu/prospective-students/graduate-students-ms-and-phd-degrees).   

All of these degrees can be combined with the Biogeochemistry Dual Title Degree program (http://www.biogeochemistry.psu.edu/).