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MIT and Singapore are launching a new program: “Mens, Manus and Machina: How AI empowers people and the city in Singapore (M3S).” Humans have spent eons learning how to work effectively with each other as a species, but at the scale of human history, we are still neophytes to computation and automation. I am leading a team of 17 MIT and Singapore professors to examine two questions at M3S: 

  1. How will we design AI and robotics technologies and train humans to build the skills and habits necessary for success in an AI and robotics-heavy work environment? 
  1. How will we adapt our social and business institutions to create the incentives and protections necessary to drive innovation and social welfare? 



M3S, operated in the MIT SMART Program, is a multi-year multi-million-dollar program supported by National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) under its CREATE program. 


Jinhua Zhao 

Professor of Cities and Transportation 

Founder, MIT Mobility Initiative  

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