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Neuroscience Summer Research Availability Overseas in University of California Santa Cruz

🧠Explore Neuroscience Research Abroad!
Are you an enthusiastic undergraduate student with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the brain? Elevate your summer by joining our Neuroscience Research Collaborating Fellowship, where you will embark on an international collaboration with the University of California, Santa Cruz.

🌟 About the position:
Chen Lab at DKU https://chenneurolab.org/ is collaborating with the Zuo Lab https://www.zuolab.org/ at University of California Santa Cruz, which is a leading neuroscience research lab in the world committed to explore the boundaries of the brain by understanding the involved neuronal circuits. We are thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for ambitious undergraduate students at DKU to engage in cutting-edge research, including a potential collaboration with UC Santa Cruz. Traveling and housing expenses will be reimbursed.

🔍What You’ll Experience:

• Research topic will be on cognitive flexibility and stress.

• Immersive hands-on research in neuroscience.

• Mentorship from renowned experts in the field.

• Access to top-notch lab facilities, including 2P microscope, chemogenetics, and optogenetics.

• International collaboration with UC Santa Cruz researchers.

📚 Eligibility:

• Currently enrolled undergraduate students at DKU in neuroscience, biology, psychology, or related fields.

• GPA of 3.5 or above.

• A fervent interest in neuroscience and research.

• Exceptional communication and teamwork skills.

📅 Duration:

The fellowship spans 8 weeks during the summer, starting 6/1/2024.

🌍 Location:

UC Santa Cruz.

📝How to Apply:

Ready to broaden your horizons in neuroscience research? Submit your resume, a compelling cover letter expressing your interest, and a brief overview of your academic and research background to cc677@duke.edu by 2/15/2024.

🚀Seize the chance to contribute to groundbreaking neuroscience research and engage in an international collaboration! Apply now for an unforgettable summer experience!