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MS/PhD University of Florida 

My lab at the University of Florida is recruiting students for positions to work on projects related to: 

(1) using seagrass genetic diversity to inform plant selection for ecosystem restoration projects throughout Florida and the Gulf of Mexico 

(2) to better understand how facilitation among clams and seagrasses can alter restoration success by stimulating biogeochemical processes 

(3) to understand the implications of landscape diversity (hard bottom and seagrasses) on community and ecosystem level processes  

We can accept students through the Interdisciplinary Ecology program in the School of Natural Resources and the Environmental or through the Department of Soil Water and Ecosystem Sciences. Exceptions of lab personnel and what they can expect from me is laid out in the mentoring agreement on my website: lkreynolds.com. In our lab group, we value collaboration, inclusivity, and kindness, and I will include those traits in my evaluation of applicants.   

Please reach out to me if you are interested. I also plan to be at the upcoming CERF meeting (for the first couple of days only) and would be happy to chat in person there.  


Laura K. Reynolds (she/her) | Assistant Professor | Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences Department | University of Florida  
3165 McCarty A | P.O. Box 110290, Gainesville, FL 32611 |  352-294-3165  | lkreynolds@ufl.edu  |  lkreynolds.com