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MS or PhD- Native Bee Ecology University of Minnesota 

Overview of the position: The Cariveau Native Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota is recruiting a graduate student to study how adaptive land management (primarily grazing and burning) influences native bee communities on US Fish and Wildlife Service refuges. The student will travel to the tallgrass prairie regions of Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Fieldwork will focus on collecting native bees and identifying native tallgrass prairie plants in the field. The project will involve extensive camping and fieldwork during the summer months. The student will have opportunities to collaborate with scientists and land managers at the USFWS. 
We are seeking an MSc student or potentially a PhD student. Funding includes a tuition waiver, health benefits (https://shb.umn.edu/health-plans/gahp-home), and a graduate assistantship stipend for 2.5 years with the possibility of longer-term funding for PhD students. The project also has funds for field technicians. 
Our lab group (https://www.beelab.umn.edu/cariveau-native-bee-lab) addresses basic and applied questions related to ecology, natural history, and conservation of native bees. Our research ranges from testing sampling methods to evaluating the effectiveness of restorations for native bee communities. We are housed in the Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesota. 
Start Date: The ideal candidate would begin a field season in May 2024 and start coursework in September 2024. 
Required Qualifications: 
BS/BA in biology, entomology, ecology, biology, environmental sciences or related field 
Experience conducting field-based research in ecology or evolution. 
Experience working independently as much of the fieldwork involves traveling to sites far from the lab. 
Experience working collaboratively in teams. 
Excellent communication skills. 
A valid drivers license and ability to drive long distances to field locations and work 
remotely throughout the field season 
Desired Qualifications 
Experience studying insect ecology, plant ecology and/or pollination ecology. 
Experience or interest in quantitative analysis 
Experience or interest in endangered and threatened species conservation and 
Experience in ArcGIS or spatial analysis 
To apply: Please fill out the following Google Form (https://forms.gle/AgYx1x5Xkj3PSCfi6).  

Please feel free to contact Dan by email with any questions about the position.