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MS and PhD students in behavioral ecology of plasticity and information  Oklahoma State

In my lab at Oklahoma State University we investigate how plastic responses are affected by informational constraints. I am looking to recruit 1 or 2 graduate students (either MS or PhD) to join my lab in Fall of 2024.  

Three research topics are currently the main topics in the lab.  

1) How individuals use predator cues and safety cues to estimate predation risk and the consequences for prey phenotypes and ecological and spatial dynamics.  

2) Fear generalization, which asks if there is individual consistency in how individuals respond to different stressor. Or how strongly an individual responds to one stressor independent from they respond to another stressor.  

3) Comparing the occurrences of maternal and paternal transgenerational effects to different types of stress, and the interactions of those effects.  

Other topics are certainly welcomed. We use a combination of empirical research and theoretical models to investigate these questions. Students can focus on the empirical, theoretical, or both approaches. We work on invertebrate systems, such as pond snails. See our lab site for more information https://sites.google.com/view/luttbeglab 

The Department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State has an active group of faculty and graduate students (https://integrativebiology.okstate.edu). Several faculty members have interests in plasticity and behavior, and we have a growing group of labs focused on quantitative approaches to studying ecology. Co-advising within the department is often done when it better suits the student’s interests. Admitted students are guaranteed TA positions for the duration of their time at Oklahoma State during the Fall and Spring semesters. Pay rates are $2282/month and $2652/month for MS and PhD students respectively. 

If you have interest in joining my lab, please contact me by email at luttbeg@okstate.edu. I am also the graduate coordinator for the department, so you can also contact me for more general questions about joining our department as a graduate student.  

Dr. Barney Luttbeg 

Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Integrative Biology 

Oklahoma State University 
421 Life Sciences West 
(405) 744-1717