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MS and PhD openings in quantitative ecology 

We (https://quantmarineecolab.github.io/) have openings for MS and PhD students in quantitative ecology to start in Jan or Aug 2024. Students could work on a variety of projects, including the socio-ecological dynamics of small-scale fisheries, aquaculture mathematical modeling, or decision science related to how to optimize ecological monitoring programs.  

The applicant would be expected to have a strong data science or mathematical modeling background.  

Applicants that will be the most competitive for a position will have experience (and willingness to learn more) with R, quantitative skills (e.g., mathematical modeling, statistics), and field work. A basic understanding of Spanish, French, or American Sign Language is a plus for some of the labs projects. 
Please visit https://quantmarineecolab.github.io/join/#graduate-students for details about the lab and how to apply 
All lab members must  

1) Be decent human beings (we dont work with jerks),  

2) Have an interest in ecological systems and using quantitative tools (e.g., mathematical models, statistics), and

3) Want to change the world.  

Members of the lab are strongly committed to anti-racist practices, real diversity and inclusion efforts, and moving science beyond the ivory tower. Please consider applying for a position in my lab if you are a first-generation college student, a student from a low-income background, a member of a racial or ethnic minority group, if you identify as a woman or as LGBTQ+, and/or if you have a disability.