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Jones Evidence-based Restoration Lab recruiting 1-2 PhD students 

Professor Holly Jones’ Evidence-based Restoration Lab at Northern Illinois University seeks 1-2 PhD students to begin in Fall 2024. 
Our lab studies the biodiversity crisis and how we can conserve endangered species and repair damaged ecosystems. We produce science in collaboration with and in support of ecosystem and species managers because that’s where we think we can make the most impact. We have diverse interests but are all united in a common goal to push conservation/restoration science forward, and have fun doing it. Our lab centers mental health, work-life balance, and values diverse perspectives; we foster a stimulating, supportive atmosphere for lab members to learn from and teach one another. We understand that as scientists, we should take our work seriously, but that it’s equally important that we create a respectful, enjoyable environment in which to do science.  
I seek 1-2 PhD students, one who is interested in working on how bison reintroduction, prescribed fire, and restoration age at Nachusa Grasslands impact small mammal populations and another who is interested in continuing our work studying how island ecosystems respond to invasive mammal removal. The island-focused student will ideally have existing island/seabird contacts to capitalize on for fieldwork or be interested in pursing a data-based project. 
Requirement – Master’s degree before start date 
Desired qualifications: Competitive candidates will have training in community ecology, ecosystem ecology, restoration ecology and/or conservation biology. Candidates with strong field experience, evidence of leadership, communication skills, evidence of outreach and collaboration, and dedication to making science more welcoming to underrepresented groups will be viewed favorably. 
Application materials and instructions can be found on our lab’s website https://hjones82.wixsite.com/website/apply