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Natural and Applied Sciences

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Physics Laboratory

The Physics teaching laboratories are located on the second floor of the Innovation Building. As an integral part of physics education, they provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, develop experimental skills, and deepen their understanding of physical principles. Labs range from introductory experiments that explore basic principles to more advanced experiments that delve into specialized areas of physics. These experiments often cover a range of topics within physics, such as mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, thermodynamics, and more. 

A DIY corner in the Physics teaching laboratory is ready for the students to construct and conduct experiments on their own with readily available and affordable resources. Students are encouraged to come up with their own experimental designs, fostering creativity and innovative thinking

The advanced Physics teaching laboratories are equipped with various facilities including differential scanning calorimeter, X-ray diffractometer, Gemini 2D interferometer, compact computed tomography system, scanning electron microscope, rheometer and so on. Such advanced facilities go beyond standard classroom resources, providing students with hands-on experience using state-of-the-art technology.