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Natural and Applied Sciences

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Biology Laboratory

The biology teaching laboratory is committed to providing a state-of-the-art experimental environment to advance both teaching and research. It has now expanded to its additional function as a biology core facility managed by a highly qualified and devoted team consisting of talented biology scientists. Now we have 4 teaching laboratory rooms with the area of 400 square meters which provides the annual teaching capacity of 30,000 school hours with more than 100 sets of highly advanced equipment and instruments in fixed assets. Examples of the highly advanced equipment are Thermo Attune CytPix cell cytometer, AKTA Pure 25 chromatography purification system, BioRad ChemiDoc imaging system etc.

Since its establishment, the biology teaching laboratory and the core facility has laid a good foundation to support the missions of DKU in both cultivating high quality undergraduates and aspiring to become a “research-oriented” university. Over the past 5 years, the laboratories had seen great achievements in teaching and research in the DKU academic community. It has cultivated more than 2000 aspiring students with critical thinking mindset, problem-solving skills, and innovative spirits. Groups of students working in the laboratory have won prizes from various international biology competitions such as iGEM and International Biology Olympiad. Numerous aspiring students have advanced their innovative biology studies in highly prestigious universities and institutions worldwide after graduation. Furthermore, those highly advanced equipment also provide strong support for cutting-edge research discoveries and numerous research papers have been published in various prestigious biology journals.

In addition to its continued efforts in advancing equipment and building a highly efficient teaching and management team, the biology laboratory has also devoted extraneous efforts to establishing a platform for resource and information sharing to meet the ever-increasing needs in both teaching and research in the DKU.