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Field Trip Memories: Exploring Generative AI Together!

On Febuary 23, 28 students from CS401 Cloud Computing Course and Edge Intelligence Lab at Duke Kunshan University’s Division of Natural and Applied Sciences (DNAS) embarked on a Generative AI (GAI) field trip. During their visit to Shanghai, they visiting Amazon Web Services (AWS) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The field trip was a resounding success! From the insightful tour of office tours to the hands-on experience with Amazon GAI platforms Bedrock and SageMaker, each moment was a step forward in our quest for knowledge.

We’ve interviewed some students.

Here are some of their thoughts! See the joy and excitement of the journey.

  • What was your favorite part of the trip?
  • Share a fun fact you learned!

Yuxiao Zhu: “Fieldtrip last Friday gave me an insight into the building blocks of generative AI in the industry, its rationale and prospects. I see a huge potential for generative AI. My favorite part of the Fieldtrip was the demonstration of engineers writing poems on small models, which got me interested in deploying a small model on my own computer.”

Yuhan Wei: “1. Try bedrock yourself. 2. Can a fact be not fun, haha? A good direction for a paper: multimodal especially the loss function side. He also predicts that multimodal will peak by 2026.”


Anbei Zhao, Senior Solutions Architect, first delivered a welcome speech and provided valuable insights into AWS’s global business scope, fundamental architecture, cloud computing applications, and technological process.

Wenju Zhang, AWS Partner Trainer, and Jason Zhang, PwC Senior Solutions Architect,  respectively talked about Future Trends of Generative AI Technology and LLM Training Experience and Case Study at PwC.

In the interaction and engagement session, students were introduced Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker, deployed models using AWS’ LLM platform Bedrock, and experienced the fine-tuning large models using SageMaker themselves.

In the closing remarks, Professor Bing Luo expressed gratitude for the meticulous GAI course and project introductions by AWS and PwC. Furthermore, he extended a warm invitation to relevant engineers and managers from AWS and PwC to visit DKU for further exchange and collaboration.

The field trip concluded with an exciting office tour, where students explored the premises of AWS and PwC.

Let’s continue to explore and inspire each other. Until the next trip!