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Natural and Applied Sciences

PhD on western monarch butterfly ecology   Washington State University Vancouver 

Graduate Assistantship is available in Dr. Cheryl Schultzs Conservation Biology Lab at Washington State University Vancouver.  We seek a new PhD student to join the lab to work on a project funded to advance conservation of western monarch butterfly.  Research is funded by a partnership of US Forest Service and Department of Defense.  Student will be part of a project team with collaborators at UC Davis, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, and others. The position requires excellent field, leadership, and organizational skills and a strong interest in monarch or butterfly ecology and conservation. The student will start in the field as a technician in May or June 2024, and formally matriculate into the graduate program in Fall 2024.  
Broadly we use a population ecology lens to gain understanding of the ecology of at-risk species and to develop conservation and restoration responses to global change. Our work largely focuses on using rare butterflies and their habitats in the Pacific Northwest as a model system to address broad ecological questions to advance conservation on-the-ground. 
Interested students should send a CV/resume, transcripts and a cover letter describing past research experience and future research interests to Dr. Cheryl Schultz, schultzc@wsu.edu  We encourage all interested students to get in touch to learn more about the program and research in our labs.  Also please note that while the admitted graduate student will formally matriculate in Fall, the position includes about 3-4 months as a technician in the field, starting in May- June 2024 (exact start date is negotiable) 
More information on our work can be found at https://labs.wsu.edu/conservation-biology/