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PhD aquatic ecology and conservation 

We are currently seeking exceptional and highly motivated graduate students to join the Johnson laboratory (http://johnsonlaboratory.com)! We are looking for an independent, self-motivated student who is passionate about pursuing research in aquatic ecology and conservation. Students in the lab can employ a diverse range of approaches, including laboratory experiments, field research, and modeling, to address broad questions in ecology. As a lab we are deeply committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field. Students interested in joining the Johnson Laboratory for Ph.D.-level research are encourage to include all requested questions in a composed letter of interest.  
Please include the following in your letter of interest (PDF):  

Curriculum vitae or resume; 
Which of the two following projects you are interested in; 

A. Understanding the role of disease in coral reef ecosystems: this project aims to more deeply explore the hidden role of parasites and pathogens within tropical ecosystem. Our system of focus has been Black Spot Syndrome, which is emerging among keystone fish grazers in the Caribbean. We are studying the parasite responsible and working to ascertain what factors influence its emergence and identify the likely consequences for individual hosts and communities. This is a newer project focused in parts of the Caribbean, such as Curacao and Bonaire.  
B.  How extreme weather events affect disease and threatened species: A key part of this project involves understanding how severe drought can directly and indirectly alter species interactions, both for free-living as well as parasitic organisms, and determine the outcomes for conservation and disease management. We are also exploring ways to forecast disease ˜hotspots” into the future and even use whole-ecosystem manipulations to manage wildlife infections. This work will combine large-scale analyses with collection of new empirical data, with field work focused at our long-term study sites in California. 
Your general research interests, previous research experience; 
Why you are specifically interested in the work being done in the lab; 
Your contributions to inclusion and diversity; 
Post-graduate career plans. 
Send your letter of interest in PDF as an attachment in your introduction email to: Pieter.Johnson@colorado.edu BY OCTOBER 15th, 2023. Please use Prospective Graduate Student in the subject line.